Mauritius is becoming a significant centre of interest for investors around the world Acquisition and ownership of residential property by expatriates is facilitated by the Property Development Scheme (PDS), which has been put in place by the Mauritian government in 2015 It is also worth noting that there are no Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Dividends Tax and Inheritance Tax (for direct descendants) in Mauritius . The flat personal and corporate tax rates are set at 15%.

Ease of access, the Mauritian employment rate remaining high at around 92%, and world-class education systems, explain why offshore investors see value in Mauritius. A notable economic factor for Mauritius is that the country’s GDP Annual Growth Rate has averaged 3.87 percent from 2016 to 2018. The World
 has forecasted Mauritius’s GDP Annual Growth Rate for 2019 at 4 percent, which shows that country’s economic climate is propitious for investment. As it stands,
it has been estimated that around 20% of the buyers in Property Development Schemes in Mauritius are South Africans, just behind the French (40%).

« Mauritian property is a secure offshore investment that offers incredible lifestyle and financial benefits, with the potential to earn dollar-based capital appreciation and rental returns. An example of such an investment is St Antoine Private Residence, a luxury resort, comprising 100 luxury apartments and penthouses. Situated 10 minutes from Grand Bay, and close to Port Louis, St Antoine Private Residence launched last year and is set to break ground
as soon as October this year 
,” says Norbert Koenig, Director of Red4 and co-developer of St. Antoine – Private Residence.

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