Investing in Mauritius

Investing in Mauritius

The new Property Development Scheme (PDS), together with the previous RES and IRS schemes, have established Mauritius as an attractive destination for foreigners seeking to live in a country that promises profitable investment and a high standard of living.

A renowned tourist destination and the strongest economy in the African region, Mauritius also offers a stable social and political climate that is ideal for foreign investors. When you buy a residence at St. Antoine Private Residence, you not only invest in a valuable asset but also benefit from the advantages of a fulfilling life in one of the safest places in the world.

St Antoine Private Residence owners also benefit from an advantageous taxation environment, access to residence permits and freehold status – as well as plenty of lifestyle benefits.


The Mauritian residence permit entitles the property owner to be tax domiciled in Mauritius, provided that the duration of stay is more than 183 days per year. As the country has signed a Non-Double Taxation Treaty with 43 countries, the Mauritian tax resident status delivers several valuable benefits such as:

No inheritance and capital gains taxes

Dividends and other income derived from capital gains are exempt of taxes

Economically thriving business hub

USD based capital appreciation and rental income

International schooling and tertiary institutions

A safe and secure lifestyle

Who can acquire a property within a PDS development?

Below are the entities eligible for a PDS:

An individual

A company incorporated or registered under the Companies Act

A Society where its deed of formation is deposited with the Registrar of Companies

A limited partnership under the Limited Partnerships Act

A trust, where the trusteeship services are provided by a qualified trustee

A foundation under the Foundations Act

A global business as defined under the Financial Services Act 2007 holding a Global Business Licence (GBL)


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