The Resort-style services of St. Antoine – Private Residence

St. Antoine – Private Residence enables its community to enjoy the coastal genuineness of north-eastern Mauritius. Seeing as we are an upscale collective residential project, we will have our own clubhouse and reception, which will be reminiscent of the tropical island resorts that have made Mauritius a hit on the international level. Also included are a Wellness area and a boatyard with management services. These infrastructures will provide a wide array of amenities and services, which have been designed to elevate the lifestyle proposed to our community of residents. The careful combination of all these elements make St. Antoine – Private Residence an exceptional property investment opportunity.

St. Antoine resident, welcome to your little heaven

Walk into a secure private residential commune, receive a warm welcome at the reception, have the conciergerie team take care of your belongings or any other request you may have… Imagine being received as such before stepping into your apartment, penthouse or villa. The project will also include a Wellness area where residents can enjoy massages, beauty treatments, and a variety of other spa services. St. Antoine – Private Residence will elevate your lifestyle with these carefully crafted luxuries. Feel at home, pampered and secure amidst the exceptional scenery of this pristine region of the north-east of Mauritius.

The Club House

Our Clubhouse area is the perfect spot to fully unwind, be it from a long day at work, or from that long flight you just got off. The Clubhouse, an ideal place for socialising, will have a bar where you can enjoy
a refreshing cocktail and a chat with friends, family or neighbours. The Clubhouse restaurant will also be a good place to indulge in a romantic dinner with your partner, or to wine & dine with friends and business associates. This area will have a sizeable communal pool, which residents can use for leisurely swims or for engaging workouts – swimming is after all one of the most lauded forms of cardiovascular exercise. There will also be a Children’s Pool, where the little ones can enjoy a safe dip or some good-natured poolside fun with their buddies. And of course, no pool area would be complete without its deck. This space will delight those who want to have some down time in the sun with a cocktail while basking in soft sea breezes. The pool deck will have tanning chairs, in order to help you maintain your picture-perfect golden tan. Daily life in a resort setting is a dream that can become reality at St. Antoine – Private Residence.

Boat owners, we’ve got you covered!

A boatyard with its ancillary services are also part of the St. Antoine – Private Residence experience. Fire up the boat engine and head for the open sea for a big catch, or gently cruise around and relax in the lagoon of St. Antoine… these possibilities are fully within the grasp of our residents. The project’s boat parking space will be designed to safely accommodate your vessel.

The playground of your dreams

Our principal aim is to provide residents with a space that enables them to develop and enact their personal Art of Living. Add all these Resort-style services to a backdrop of architectural modernity and authentic landscape, and you get a truly unique residential community in an exclusive region of Mauritius: your very own playground. Evidently, all the services are available to you whether you wish to use your property at St. Antoine – Private Residence as a primary or secondary home.


Mauritius is becoming a significant centre of interest for investors around the world Acquisition and ownership of residential property by expatriates is facilitated by the Property Development Scheme (PDS), which has been put in place by the Mauritian government in 2015 It is also worth noting that there are no Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Dividends Tax and Inheritance Tax (for direct descendants) in Mauritius . The flat personal and corporate tax rates are set at 15%.

Ease of access, the Mauritian employment rate remaining high at around 92%, and world-class education systems, explain why offshore investors see value in Mauritius. A notable economic factor for Mauritius is that the country’s GDP Annual Growth Rate has averaged 3.87 percent from 2016 to 2018. The World
has forecasted Mauritius’s GDP Annual Growth Rate for 2019 at 4 percent, which shows that country’s economic climate is propitious for investment. As it stands,
it has been estimated that around 20% of the buyers in Property Development Schemes in Mauritius are South Africans, just behind the French (40%).

« Mauritian property is a secure offshore investment that offers incredible lifestyle and financial benefits, with the potential to earn dollar-based capital appreciation and rental returns. An example of such an investment is St Antoine Private Residence, a luxury resort, comprising 100 luxury apartments and penthouses. Situated 10 minutes from Grand Bay, and close to Port Louis, St Antoine Private Residence launched last year and is set to break ground
as soon as October this year
,” says Norbert Koenig, Director of Red4 and co-developer of St. Antoine – Private Residence.