LOV St. Antoine – Private Residence, and enhance the return on your investment

Unique location, resort-style facilities AND Return on Investment

Invest in a property at St Antoine – Private Residence and you’re guaranteed one of the most unique real estate opportunities in Mauritius. Located off the picturesque north-east coast of the island, with easy access to the conveniences of nearby Grand Baie, St Antoine also features a range of resort-style facilities and services of the highest specification. And there’s more… these properties also offer an excellent enhanced investment opportunity. You could acquire your very own piece of this tropical paradise and have the option of realising further return on your investment.

Rental Management Programme

To oversee and facilitate the rental management programme at St Antoine – Private Residence, we have engaged the services of Luxury Ocean Vacation Ltd (LOV.), a leading Mauritian Destination Management Company and Property Services Provider. With over 30 years’ combined expertise in the tourism and hospitality sector, the team from LOV. provides comprehensive property management of high value investment beach properties. The service provision incorporates 5 Star concierge services, maintenance and house-keeping operations.

Full rental service

They’ll take care of every aspect of the rental process for you, including the marketing of your property through their dedicated online platform, processing the reservations and all associated administration. Their specialist teams will attend to the servicing and maintenance of your property. You’ll be able to leave the rental management of your property to the experts, safe in the knowledge that it is being carefully and meticulously looked after.

Don’t delay; get in touch with our sales team today for further details of this exceptional opportunity. Own a property at St Antoine – Private Residence and benefit from your investment working for you, delivering even more value!

The North of Mauritius: infrastructure & activities

The North of Mauritius has undergone extensive development over the last 2 decades, becoming one of the most vibrant, exciting parts of the island. That being said, the North has also retained its tropical allure, making it popular and favoured by expatriates, tourists, and Mauritians alike.

Modern infrastructure and facilities in the North of Mauritius

Over and above its authentic tropical setting, the North boasts a range of modern infrastructure from world-class medical facilities, and schools providing internationally recognised qualifications, to a number of shopping malls that include cinemas, high-end clothing outlets, utility shops, restaurants, fitness and wellness centres, and hypermarkets. The business community is also well provided for with several business parks, housing offices of major insurance and telecommunications companies, and financial institutions, providing a convenient alternative to a journey to Port Louis for business purposes.

Much of this modern infrastructure is to be found in Grand Baie, the seaside town we explored in a previous blog. Grand Baie is also known for its bustling nightlife, with clubs such as Insomnia, OMG, and Le Bar & Vous, to name but a few, and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat. Many of the restaurants are situated with stunning views over the bay, and a diverse range of cuisine is on offer, from traditional Mauritian favourites to modern European delicacies. La Capitaine (one of the island’s oldest restaurants), The Beach House (where you can feast while literally wriggling your toes in the sand!), Chez Tante Athalie (a well-hidden gem in a unique, quirky setting serving a delicious range of typical Creole dishes), and Eat with Fingers (innovative veggie and vegan cuisine with a menu packed with organic, raw and vegan choices) are all must do’s!

Mont Choisy & Anse La Raie

Grand Baie is by no means the only place to be in the North. Sure, it has the appeal and attractions of modern lifestyle, but life in the north of the island has so much more to offer. Mont Choisy, which is located 15 minutes away from St. Antoine – Private Residence, is a seaside town where you’ll find the longest beach in Mauritius. Stretching over 3 kilometres, Mont Choisy beach is an exceptional spot for gentle strolls, games with frisbees and balls for the more energetic, or snorkeling in the accessible shallows. Golfers will be pleased to know that the only golf course in the North is the 18-hole course at Mont Choisy. If you’re a kitesurf enthusiast, Anse La Raie beach is the ideal spot to engage in your favourite water sport, thanks to its shallow lagoons and steady trade winds. Located near the village of Calodyne in the North, Anse La Raie is also great for snorkeling. As with practically all the public beaches in Mauritius, there are standard facilities such as beach huts, a forested picnic area, and clean restrooms.


If you wish to immerse yourself in the rural life and culture of Mauritius, a visit to Goodlands is a must. A mere 10 minutes drive from St. Antoine – Private Residence, this village has a variety of local amenities including a bus station, snack shops, typical Mauritian restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets and even a small casino. Goodlands is perfect for excursions with family and friends for a taste of life in a typical small, rural town.

Other fun activities, and places to visit

For chocolate lovers who enjoy indulging their sweet tooth, a visit to the Van Ann Chocolaterie in Calebasses should definitely be on the itinerary. Established by a Belgian expatriate in 1992, and famous for its pralines, Van Ann is a fixture in the chocolate industry of Mauritius. Be warned though, you may find it hard to stop at sampling just a few of their delectable chocolates! But not to worry, to walk off all the chocolate you may have consumed, we suggest a visit to the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses. Filled with indigenous and tropical plant species, Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is a living and breathing monument. Visited by botanists from all over the globe, this park has spectacular flora which includes giant Victoria Amazonica water lilies and numerous species of palm trees. You can also see the Talipot tree there, which blooms only once every fifty to seventy years.

Other places you may consider visiting in the North include:

Domaine de Labourdonnais in Mapou – a magnificent, privately-owned estate, founded in 1774, and set in the midst of beautiful sugar cane fields and fruit orchards. The original Chateau de Labourdonnais has been converted into a museum, and today the Estate includes La Table du Chateau for contemporary fine dining; La Terrasse, a small café; La Corbeille, a delicatessen; as well as a nursery offering a wide variety of fruit trees and decorative plants. Hop aboard the Labourdonnais Express for a 45-minute guided tour of the Estate’s gardens and orchards!

The Red Roof Chapel in Cap Malheureux – for pure architectural beauty just steps from the sea. Officially named the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel, this Roman Catholic Church was built in 1938 and is situated at the very northern point of Mauritius, offering breathtaking views of the five northern islets, including Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Quoin). This is where the British colonists first landed before laying claim to the island in 1810, and it is arguably the most photogenic spot on Mauritius due to the way that the bright red roof contrasts with the turquoise waters and deep blue sky that surrounds it.

The Paul & Virginie Monument in Poudre d’Or – for its poignant history. The most famous story in Mauritius folklore, ‘Paul et Virginie’ was inspired by the shipwreck of the St Géran, which came to a watery end just off the north-east coast at Poudre d’Or.

As you can see, there is an abundance of activities and things to see in the North – those mentioned here are just an introduction, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy discovering the many more fun, interesting things to do in the area. Share your experiences with us in the comments section!

High-end property investment in St. Antoine, Mauritius

The development of St. Antoine – Private Residence is on track! Developed and promoted by Red4, this high-end residential community is currently in the advanced stages of construction. Work began on Phase I in 2018 and is making good progress; we are expecting to break ground on Phase II towards the end of 2019. Security in investment, timely delivery and quality of end-product are some of the linchpins of Red4 projects. St. Antoine – Private Residence is yet further testimony to the developer’s dependability.

Updates on Phase I: Apartments, Penthouses, Reception Area & Clubhouse

The apartments and penthouses of St. Antoine – Private Residence have taken solid root on the exclusive coast of Saint Antoine, in eastern Mauritius. As you can see in the pictures above, the apartments have reached their final structural stages, and the penthouses which comprise the top floors of the apartment buildings are currently under construction. The development of the site is being undertaken with the utmost respect for this area’s abundant and pristine natural life. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the evolution of the project; there you will find video updates charting the steady progress made since December 2018.

St. Antoine – Private Residence will have a Reception area and a main Clubhouse. Groundwork on these buildings began in March this year, and they are currently in their final stages of completion. The Reception area will be home to the concierge team which will be available to attend to your requirements 24 hours a day. The main Clubhouse will house a restaurant/deli, and a pool area, including a 50m communal pool where children and adults alike can enjoy cooling off and having fun. As you can see in the latest video update, the foundations and ground preparations for the pool are well under way.

Phase II offers – only 2 units left!

There are presently only 2 units left for sale in Phase II, so it’s definitely time for you to get in touch with our team if you wish to acquire one of these prime pieces of property. Included in this latter phase are apartments, penthouses and villas. The area to be developed in Phase II will have its own Clubhouse and a range of amenities which will be shared with you very soon. What we can tell you is that the villas have been designed as enclaves of the utmost privacy located on the verge of the seaside.

Private Residence: ideally located near the seaside village of Grand Baie

It is an undeniable fact that St. Antoine – Private Residence is an enclave of peace and security, a place where you can disconnect from the hectic real world. However, this does not mean that our residents’ access to civilization and modern facilities is restricted. One of the reasons why we have chosen the location of St. Antoine is that it is strategically situated in the vicinity of Grand Baie, the famous and bustling seaside village, in the North of Mauritius.

Live the authentic tropical island life in the North!

Grand Baie is a mere 15-minute drive away from St. Antoine – Private Residence. Iconic for its authentic Mauritian restaurants, market, street food and shopping malls, this area is favoured by expatriates and Mauritians alike. The seaside village has beach pubs and restaurants such as the Banana Bar, Cocoloko, and Beach House which are ideal places to enjoy drinks and foods with friends & family. The beauty of living at St. Antoine – Private Residence is that you will have convenient access to Grand Baie and its surrounding areas. This gives you the possibility to combine serene living by the seaside with the more dynamic activities of modern life. The two most popular beaches of Grand Baie are La Cuvette and Grand Baie Public Beach. La Cuvette is small and cosy, and can be an ideal spot for some quiet time with friends. As for the public beach, it is usually well animated, and bordered by juice stalls, beach restaurants and the likes.

The most prestigious malls of Grand Baie

Grand Baie is also home to the oldest shopping mall in Mauritius, the iconic Sunset Boulevard, which is home to a range of local and international shops. This place is perfect for those who wish to revel in a seaside setting while shopping. If you’re more of an urban-style shopper, but still wish to enjoy the warm climate of Grand Baie, the place to be is La Croisette. Arguably the best mall in the North, La Croisette has a varied selection of shops, hypermarkets, a cinema, and a vast esplanade with an abundance of restaurants and cafés. Attached to this mall is the state-of-the-art Fortis Darné Clinic, which provides world-class medicare.

What about schooling in the North of Mauritius?

Parents will definitely want to know about the schooling system in Mauritius, and also whether there are any good schools in the North. The most popular choices for primary schooling in this region of the island are the International Preparatory School (IPS) in Mapou, Lighthouse School in Trou aux Biches, and Green Coast in Beau Plan. These institutions are all situated at a 20-minute drive from St. Antoine – Private Residence. For secondary schooling, Northfields International School (NIS) in Mapou and Lighthouse School are great options.

Grand Baie: good for business!

Business people will find that Grand Baie is quite full of networking opportunities. A great example of these is the regular netWORKing event. Held at The Beach House, regular netWORKing is a great place to meet like-minded business people and future potential associates. The emergence of facilities such as the Grand Baie Business Park and the Grand Baie Business Quarter (GBBQ) also means that you have your company’s office in the area if you wish.

The Resort-style services of St. Antoine – Private Residence

St. Antoine – Private Residence enables its community to enjoy the coastal genuineness of north-eastern Mauritius. Seeing as we are an upscale collective residential project, we will have our own clubhouse and reception, which will be reminiscent of the tropical island resorts that have made Mauritius a hit on the international level. Also included are a Wellness area and a boatyard with management services. These infrastructures will provide a wide array of amenities and services, which have been designed to elevate the lifestyle proposed to our community of residents. The careful combination of all these elements make St. Antoine – Private Residence an exceptional property investment opportunity.

St. Antoine resident, welcome to your little heaven

Walk into a secure private residential commune, receive a warm welcome at the reception, have the conciergerie team take care of your belongings or any other request you may have… Imagine being received as such before stepping into your apartment, penthouse or villa. The project will also include a Wellness area where residents can enjoy massages, beauty treatments, and a variety of other spa services. St. Antoine – Private Residence will elevate your lifestyle with these carefully crafted luxuries. Feel at home, pampered and secure amidst the exceptional scenery of this pristine region of the north-east of Mauritius.

The Club House

Our Clubhouse area is the perfect spot to fully unwind, be it from a long day at work, or from that long flight you just got off. The Clubhouse, an ideal place for socialising, will have a bar where you can enjoy
a refreshing cocktail and a chat with friends, family or neighbours. The Clubhouse restaurant will also be a good place to indulge in a romantic dinner with your partner, or to wine & dine with friends and business associates. This area will have a sizeable communal pool, which residents can use for leisurely swims or for engaging workouts – swimming is after all one of the most lauded forms of cardiovascular exercise. There will also be a Children’s Pool, where the little ones can enjoy a safe dip or some good-natured poolside fun with their buddies. And of course, no pool area would be complete without its deck. This space will delight those who want to have some down time in the sun with a cocktail while basking in soft sea breezes. The pool deck will have tanning chairs, in order to help you maintain your picture-perfect golden tan. Daily life in a resort setting is a dream that can become reality at St. Antoine – Private Residence.

Boat owners, we’ve got you covered!

A boatyard with its ancillary services are also part of the St. Antoine – Private Residence experience. Fire up the boat engine and head for the open sea for a big catch, or gently cruise around and relax in the lagoon of St. Antoine… these possibilities are fully within the grasp of our residents. The project’s boat parking space will be designed to safely accommodate your vessel.

The playground of your dreams

Our principal aim is to provide residents with a space that enables them to develop and enact their personal Art of Living. Add all these Resort-style services to a backdrop of architectural modernity and authentic landscape, and you get a truly unique residential community in an exclusive region of Mauritius: your very own playground. Evidently, all the services are available to you whether you wish to use your property at St. Antoine – Private Residence as a primary or secondary home.


Mauritius is becoming a significant centre of interest for investors around the world Acquisition and ownership of residential property by expatriates is facilitated by the Property Development Scheme (PDS), which has been put in place by the Mauritian government in 2015 It is also worth noting that there are no Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Dividends Tax and Inheritance Tax (for direct descendants) in Mauritius . The flat personal and corporate tax rates are set at 15%.

Ease of access, the Mauritian employment rate remaining high at around 92%, and world-class education systems, explain why offshore investors see value in Mauritius. A notable economic factor for Mauritius is that the country’s GDP Annual Growth Rate has averaged 3.87 percent from 2016 to 2018. The World
has forecasted Mauritius’s GDP Annual Growth Rate for 2019 at 4 percent, which shows that country’s economic climate is propitious for investment. As it stands,
it has been estimated that around 20% of the buyers in Property Development Schemes in Mauritius are South Africans, just behind the French (40%).

« Mauritian property is a secure offshore investment that offers incredible lifestyle and financial benefits, with the potential to earn dollar-based capital appreciation and rental returns. An example of such an investment is St Antoine Private Residence, a luxury resort, comprising 100 luxury apartments and penthouses. Situated 10 minutes from Grand Bay, and close to Port Louis, St Antoine Private Residence launched last year and is set to break ground
as soon as October this year
,” says Norbert Koenig, Director of Red4 and co-developer of St. Antoine – Private Residence.