3 main reasons to settle in Mauritius

Yes, we’ll just highlight the 3 main ones, seeing that there are actually many very good reasons to settle in Mauritius – an island blessed with a balmy climate year-round; an independent country that has forged a strong political and economic stability and safeguards social peace amidst its multi-ethnic population. The Mauritian people are widely acknowledged for their inbred sense of hospitality; here you genuinely feel welcome. Any expatriate living here will certainly attest how one soon feels at home and integrated into the unique way we go about blending with and blending in the cultural traditions and cuisines of the world to constitute a vibrant cosmopolitan microcosm. Now, more than ever, this is what makes Mauritius such an attractive destination for any wanting to experience authentic contemporary island living.

The place to attune body and soul to the vibrancy of tropical island life

After this long confinement, it’s high time for a holistic healing and to open up to a fresh perspective on life. Mauritius is established as the new wellness destination par excellence, with acknowledged service providers recommended by world-renowned professionals. Seven Colors SPA, Collection Millésime – endorsed by five-star hotels, is but one of them. Based on the 7 chakras principles, inspired by nature’s generosity, these signature treats, and treatments conjure up physical wellbeing and peace of mind, attuning body and soul to the sweetness of island living.

Though some might say Mauritius is but a pebble in the ocean, our island has been nurtured into a gem by Mother Nature. The island counts three national parks including native forests: Bras D'Eau National Park in the North-East, Black River Gorges National Park in the South-West and Islets National Park off the coast of the island. Added to these, our island of volcanic origin has been sculptured through time by the weather, giving rise to spectacular mountains and plains offering beautiful places and spaces to indulge in land activities and sports. For example, Lion, Le Morne and Le Pouce mountains offer enjoyable paths up to their panoramic summits. In the midst of the artistically carved uplands, some picturesque waterfalls such as that of Eau Bleue in Cluny, Cascade 500 Pieds in Chamouny or Rochester Falls in Souillac are well worth discovering. All around the island, either in or off the lagoon, Mauritius harbours a number of islets sheltering unique endemic species, many of which are open to public visits under the care and watch of dedicated conservation NGOs. Mauritius is a modern island whose heart beats for its vibrant natural heritage.

A country open to the world and all set to fully embrace the new normal

Mauritius’ rich history founds the wealth of its cultural heritage and its tradition of openness to the world, which enabled the country to sustain concretely through time through time its famous motto : “The star and ley of the Indian Ocean”. Set at the cross-road of European, Asian and African civilisations, the island is indeed a “cultural melting-pot”. Over the 5 decades since acquiring its political independence, the country has consistently enhanced its openness to the world and so has its people. Today, the state of Mauritius is open to citizens of the world on the premise of their obtention of a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP), under an attractive programme welcoming expatriates wishing to settle on the island. Since July 2021, the conditions attached to the obtention of a residence permit have been reviewed; the 24-year age limit to secure the status of dependent children has been withdrawn and the Occupation Permit facilitated; extended to 10 years, and is now inclusive of spouses.
If telecommuting has become your new normal, wouldn’t it be so much better to work from a home wherefrom you can revel in the view of an azure lagoon, maximum sunshine in addition to high-speed fibre-optic internet connection? – The best of all worlds coming together for your dream life! Take advantage of the newly introduced one-year Premium Visa and work from Mauritius. What more, here, the cost of living is around 15% lower than in Europe and you can further reduce your expenses just by indulging in the discoveries of local products and living life the Mauritian way.

If you are retiring and looking for a safe place that is well equipped with all the necessary care services, Mauritius is the destination to meet your requirements. The government is setting up a new concierge service dedicated to expatriate retirees – all you will need to do to access such a privilege is to connect to the dedicated portal centralising every practical information available on accommodation facilities, cultural and leisure activities as well as health services, among others.

A new home that’s so easy to adapt to and relate to

If ever you are experiencing a bout of “expat blues” – that feeling of being uprooted which comes from missing products from your home country or missing your loved ones, rest assured that Mauritius is connected to the world 24/7 via multiple flights and state-of-the art telecommunication infrastructures. Most importantly, the diversified scenery the island offers between the coast and the highlands ensures a rapid change of scenery; the old and new urban regions are bustling with life and spots to enjoy an entertaining cultural and social life, and you will find all over the island an extraordinary choice of simple, traditional and gourmet expressions of a cosmopolitan cuisine.

Here, you can find your favourite newspapers and magazines; buy old-fashioned French baguettes and exquisite croissants, treat yourself to international pastries and delicatessen from all over the world, such as cheese, caviar and Moroccan gazelle horns. Foremost, the warm Mauritian hospitality and the inclusive attitude of the locals will make you feel so welcome that integration into your new life comes easy. Besides, with an important expat community settled in Mauritius since several decades, you’ll can join in communities, such as Expat Meet-up and exchange with peers who’ve already gone through the experience or are, just like you, at the start of their Mauritian life.

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