The Treasure

A centuries-old legend debates the possibility of an undiscovered treasure buried in St. Antoine however, in truth, St. Antoine itself is the treasure. A fascinating town, it boasts an unparalleled position that compels one to take the time to explore the land, the islands and the history that surrounds it. Fringed by the Indian Ocean on two sides, it boasts access to two idyllic islands; Ile d’Ambre and Ile aux Bernaches


Ile d’Ambre is an islet off St. Antoine that is a protected conservation area. It remains untouched with its lush, green and dense vegetation. Residents of St. Antoine are free to tour through the mangroves or fish and snorkel in its surrounding waters. A small, flat islet, Ile aux Bernaches possesses all the qualities of a private beach island experience. An easy 10 minute walk f rom one side to the other, Casuarina trees cluster gracefully in the center of the island while its edges are hugged with white sandy beaches. Surrounded by a turquoise blue lagoon, it is a popular fishing spot with reefs that are close enough to swim to and snorkel around .